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The Hottest Tactical Gifts For 2021

The holidays are approaching fast and our friends and family deserve the best! We've compiled a list of some of the most-wished-for gifts this year to give you some inspiration.

This list is loaded with amazing products and inventions that make great gifts for anyone. Most of these products are offering special discounts and are available exclusively online. 

1. Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

Smear-free “Carbon NanoTech” eyewear cleaner

Seriously, why is it sooo dang hard to get glasses clean? Cloths, wipes, sprays… your shirt… (you know you do it!) You just end up chasing the crud around your lenses.

Peeps cleans lenses unlike anything else.

How? By utilizing the same innovative molecular-carbon cleaning technology used by NASA on their ultra-high-definition optics.

The dual carbon microfiber cleaning pads actually eliminate oil and fingerprints (instead of smearing it around, like cloths and sprays).

When you’re finished cleaning, the patented case recharges the cleaning pads with new carbon molecules for the next use. (Independently lab tested for up to 500 cleanings.)

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What we love about Peeps:

It works Great 
— Peeps cleans perfectly every time without smearing and streaking.

It’s trusted by over 12,000 Optometrists, NASA and the U.S. military. Over 1.5 million sold!

It’s safe for all lenses — Peeps will never scratch or damage your eyewear.

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Jackets are the key to survival. They can be a tool you rely on for your adventure or just something to keep you warm. The military relies on this same technology each day. They're comfortable, breathable and fully waterproof. Perfect for hunting, hiking, climbing or just convenient daily wear that lasts for years to come. Tactical Waterproof Jackets, the most comfortable men's tactical jackets are back and better than ever. Tons of pockets and 100% waterproof, they're built for movement. They boast an impressive range of design additions. Can be washed directly with water and machine washable fast drying. 

What we love about the M23 Tactical Jacket:

 — This jacket is one of the most comfortable tactical jackets available.

Utility — Storage + breathability make this tactical jacket perfect for any EDC junkies.

Waterproof — Made with ultra durable + waterproof materials

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3. Quickdraw Magnetic Gun Mount


With unique magnetic construction and innovative design the Quick Draw Magnetic Handgun Mount can firmly hold any flat top handgun!

MOUNT ANYWHERE: Use In The Car, Truck, Vehicle, Office, Cashier, Bedside, Doorway, Desk, And Table. Whether you're in the car, at your desk, or at home the magnetic gun mount has you covered!

The Quick Draw Magnetic Handgun Mount was designed to NOT scratch your firearm or damage any sights! ORDER INCLUDES: 1 Quick Magnetic Gun Holster Mount, 4 long screws and 4 short screws for mounting. (You can also mount with tape) The quick draw magnetic mount only racks flat top handguns. 

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4. RHINO Rescue First Aid Kit

The #1 First Aid Kit Of Military Forces

RHINO is a must have when someone is suffering from an emergency. First aid is essential to help humans and animals survive, prevent conditions from getting worse, and helping with recovery. For example, applying a bandage to a wound is basic first aid that should used before medical assistance arrives.

 "Trauma module" is a term used to describe the RHINO RESCUE first aid/trauma kit's trauma supplies. A person can bleed out in less than five minutes, while first responders take an average of seven minutes to arrive. Our Emergency Trauma Kits are intended to halt and control bleeding until rescue personnel arrives.

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5. Universal Mag Connector

The Most Useful Tactical Gadget of 2021

This is one of the most useful tactical gadgets of 2021. Spend less time reloading and bring more rounds to the fight….. with this Universal Magazine Connector!

The mag connectors come in black and FDE and are made from an ultra tough polymer mold. They are held together by 2 very strong bolts that attach to any mags.

Works perfectly with AR-15, Mini 14 and others. Allows operator to attach two magazines (or more) together for faster and more efficient reloads. 

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6. Molle Bottle Holder

This Bottle Holder Is Becoming A Must-Have Stocking Stuffer

When you're outdoors, carrying a bottle can be a real pain in the you know what, but it is essential to stay hydrated.

This Molle Bottle Holder is made of nylon fibers and lining that is both sturdy and tear-resistant. Because of its design, it is both practical and portable. The water bottle pouch may be attached to a belt, backpack, tactical vest, and more! You can attach this to anything via MOLLE webbing.

A carabiner may be used to attach the hanging buckle to your jeans or bag. It's made of 600D nylon and may be used for various outdoor activities, including hunting, hiking, climbing, and biking.

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Every prepper must have a good gas mask collection

The MF14 Chemical gas mask protects you from chemical, biological, and radioactive contamination. It’s a self-priming full face mask. A classic military gas mask. Comes with filter. Uses and features:

The MF14 gas mask is a new, direct-designed gas mask that provides effective protection against respiratory, spectacles and facial skin during chemical, biological and radioactive contamination. Available for military It can also be used in different fields such as industry, agriculture, warehouse and scientific research.

The mask of the mask is injection molded from high-quality natural rubber, soft and suitable, and the surface is frosted. The elastic band has good elasticity and can be adjusted freely to ensure comfortable and airtight. The large triangular lens is made of polycarbonate, and the surface is specially treated to have an open field of view, good optical, abrasion and impact resistance

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8. Personal Alarm Device

Defense Military Grade, Patented Design Self Defense Siren & Personal Alarm

We are committed to bringing a safe and reliable device in times of emergency. The personal alarm keychain is a portable emergency device that when activated provides a very loud sound and bright LED light to deter attackers.

Used for emergency & self-defense situations, such as burglaries, kidnaping and abduction, or just in a pinch and need to get someone's attention. Feel safe carrying the device if you run at night, dog walking, and even in emergency situations involving the elderly.

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9. Go-Bag™ Mini Tactical Backpack

Military Style Sling Backpack

Sometimes when you are on the go, less is more. This could be a game changer for you if you've never used a single sling backpack before. It's a lightweight alternative to a bulky double strap tactical backpack. It's just big enough to hold an ipad and you will love all the pockets and hideaway stash spots throughout this pack!

We made the Go-Bag™ Tactical Backpack for durability with high quality materials. The bag features a 800D Waterproof & Tear Resistant Oxford Fabric with Molle webbing on front and sides and a removable shoulder strap.

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What we love about Go-Bag™ Tactical Backpack:

Easy to carry  — This backpack it super comfortable! It holds everything you need for when you're on the go. It can hold an ipad and some smaller laptop computers.  Perfect for hiking or outdoors activities.

Lightweight & Durable — 800D Waterproof & Tear Resistant Oxford Fabric

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10. 3 in 1 Emergency USB Charger

The phone charger that could save your life

The 3 in 1 Emergency USB Charger is a phone charger for your car that’s actually a 3-in-1 safety device. It was designed by auto safety experts with features to help drivers escape their vehicle in an emergency.

In a crash, seat belts can jam, doors can get stuck, and windows won’t budge. What would you do?

For years, experts have urged drivers to carry window smashers and seat belt cutters in their vehicles, but the problem is, even if you are one of the few drivers that carry these safety devices, you probably have yours in your glove box (or your trunk) — dangerously far out of reach during in an accident.

Safety devices are useless if you can’t reach them in an emergency!

What’s ingenious about 3 in 1 Emergency USB Charger is that it works as a dual-port USB charger, so you keep it plugged into your dash — always within reach when precious seconds count.

AutoEvac makes an awesome gift for any driver!

What we love about AutoEvac:

It could save your life — it stays right where you need it, not in your glove box or your trunk. It has a special glass-breaker that can be used to knock out your side window and a hidden seat belt cutter to help you escape in seconds.

It’s useful every day — hopefully you’ll never need the built-in safety features, but you can always use AutoEvac to keep your phone charged while driving.

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11. LED Safety Discs

Protect your family during roadside emergencies

Keeping with the automotive safety theme, I wanted to be sure this made our list.

A friend showed me these Roadside Safety Flares and I think they’re super smart. Many first-responders have started carrying these LED discs because they can be seen from over 5,000 feet away, they’re waterproof, and they’re durable enough to withstand being run over by a truck and still continue to shine.

I don’t consider myself to be paranoid, but having a family has definitely made me more safety conscious, especially with four drivers in our household. I learned that over 1,000 people are killed every year in roadside accidents — just because oncoming traffic didn’t see them.

That statistic freaked me out.

I don’t know about you, but I surely don’t want something as stupid as changing a flat tire to take the life of someone I love — especially when it’s so easily preventable!

I highly recommend picking up Safety Discs for your whole family while they’re on sale.

What we love about Safety Discs:

They’re impossible to miss — oncoming traffic can see these ultra-bright discs from over 5,000 feet away, and they have 9 different flashing modes.

They’re nearly indestructible — strong enough to get run over and still keep shining, they’re waterproof and they float. They’re designed to work in all conditions and never let you down.

They’re versatile — place them in the road or use their magnetic bases to stick them on your car. 

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Best Selling TACTICAL CHEST RIG 5.56/7.62

One size that fits everyone. Low-profile, fully adjustable design. This rig allows for practically limitless setups.

Also comes with a shoulder strap, 5.56 mag inserts, radio pouches, and micro-fight expander wings that may be used for many purposes.

Zippered bag with a shock cord rig for an umbrella and a removable inner pocket with hook and loop for additional accessories is included in the S.A.C.K. pouch. The MK3 Micro Fight standalone system designed to operate in low-visibility environments with maximal equipment storage capacity.

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13: Anytime Solar Charger

Solar Charger + Free Tactical Flashlight

One of the most advanced and energy efficient devices on the planet is this portable solar charger. Energy Consumption is record high from so many electronic devices available but this device doesn't use any electric!

Don't have a power outlet nearby to plug your phone in? No Problem! Simply set this solar charger in the sun for a few minutes then plug in your mobile device and get to charging!

What we love about Anytime Solar Charger:

Huge 10,000 mAh Battery Storage — The massive battery storage is enough to charge your devices multiple times. Plus, with dual charging outputs you can power multiple devices at the same time!

Super Tough & Durable — We've tested the Anytime Charger on long hikes, rock climbing, camping, hunting trips, motorbike riding and many other outdoor activities and it passed all our hardcore stress tests, all while being user friendly enough for every day use!

FREE Tactical Flashlight — For a limited time the company is giving out a free tactical flashlight with every order!

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